27th March to 30th October 2018

Château de Versailles presents an extraordinary musical experience in it’s sculpture museum.  The museum is the largest outdoor sculpture museum in the world.

If you visit between the end of March and the end of October you will be able to enjoy the gardens to the sound baroque music (Lully Rameau, Carpentier, Leclair, Campra).

There are statues of Apollo, Proserpina, the Marmosets and don’t forget the little hidden treasures that might be lurking round the next corner or around the beautifully sculpted topiary created by the talented artistic gardeners.  The gardeners still use techniques handed down over generations creating fantastic masterpieces.

When you visit don’t forget to visit the Water Theatre Grove and its sculpture fountains performing and the Mirror Fountain and its water show to the sound of Lully and Charpentier.

Neptune Fountain

The largest fountain in the gardens is the new Neptune Fountain, which has been installed for 2018.  There is a fantastic water show display every fifteen minutes.


Access is from 9am to 7pm

Musical display start at 10am

Mirror Fountain water display every 10 minutes

Neptune Fountain water display every 15 miunutes

Getting There

Our luxury accommodation is very close to Versailles just 13km or a 26 minutes drive in fact.  There’s plenty more to explore at Versailles so it makes an obvious day out when staying at Le Moulin de la Tuilerie.



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